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This table has been designed, redesigned and improved upon by Big Green Egg "Egghead's" for 20 years.   Greig McCully started perfecting this table when his first table started to wobble while it was still new.   When TAPROOT was started the design was rock solid but the creativity began.   Since then we've made the screws invisible, added umbrellas, keepers for the ceramic cap, racks for the dirty cooking grate, drawers, cabinets, hooks, inflatable wheels, slate, granite and tile surfaces.   We've shipped them thousands of miles and have happy cooks all over the USA.

This is simply the finest wooden cooking table on the planet made for the Big Green Egg or any other Komado.

Standard size is 30" x 50" for the Large Premium.  

We are a custom wood shop so we can literally build any size you need.   We have 30" x 50", 30" x 60" and 30" x 70" pre-built in Reclaimed Heart Pine, SE Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine.     We have built many combination tables for everything from a mini and a large to the Primo Oval XLG & Grill Dome Super Dome in the slide show above #3(that table was 3' x 9' with a slate (Blackboard) surface) and yes it is portable.


Premium tables in PT Pine are $799.00.  To upgrade to SE Red Cedar or Cyprus add $100.00.  Standard size is 30 x 50, to add length it is $100 per 10".  To add stone insert to the table add $275.00.  The Primo Oval XL, Big Green Egg XL and the Grill Dome Super Dome really don't fit a standard size well so we recommend you start with a 60" size for these larger grills.

Pictures available upon request for any Premium tables listed as available.


This table will never wobble, it is beautiful, durable and all details have been considered.   You will not be able to find a screw from the outside (but every board has at least 4).   All major joints are flush with the legs and all joints are epoxied in addition to the screws.